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  FST has assisted numerous Texas school districts with the selection and design of computing technology for engineering programs. This includes engineering-specific desktop computers (CAD specs) and laptops (competition specs), software (SolidWorks, etc.), cloud-based learning, GIS applications and 3D printing packages. Our experience with career technology (CTE) programs, STEM/STEAM Labs and Magnate Programs for K-12 public schools goes beyond that of the typical Value Added Reseller. Our CTE and STEM packages meet the necessary certifications and grant conditions for programs such as PLTW, JET and Perkins.

FST technical professionals assist schools in designing, implementing and managing these technology based programs from concept to completion. From creating turn-key classroom packages with grant-approved products, to assisting in infrastructure design and complete training, FST can work with your team thru the entire process to ensure a seamless program at your district.

A cross-section of these programs include:

Elementary: K-5 math and science launches, that capture interest and spark a lifelong passion. Students use touch technology, robotics and everyday materials to explore topics such as energy, light, sound, motion, stability and gravity. Designed to prepare students to leave elementary school with a passion and confidence in the STEM subjects, ready to continue their learning in middle and high school and beyond.

Middle School: Topics like robotics, flight, space, DNA and crime scene analysis drive students to find their natural curiosity and imagination engaged in creative problem solving. Using the same advanced software and tools as the worlds leading companies, students here see the application of STEM to their everyday lives.

High School: Biomedical Science is a rigorous and relevant 4 course sequence that shows students how biomedical professionals investigate and study the concepts of human medicine, psychology, genetics, microbiology and public health. Students examine the structures and interactions of the human body's systems and explore the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Computer Science engages high school students into computational thinking and prepares them for a career in computing sciences. Students explore topics like CyberSecurity, big data and artificial intelligence. Students learn and use programming languages to create their own apps, integrate technologies across devices and platforms and develop models to communicate and collaborate with real-world scenarios.

Engineering includes: Aerospace Engineering, Civil & Architecture, Digital Design, Environmental Sustainability (Renewable Energy) and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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