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  First Service Technology is a Professional Services and Value Added Reseller that offers consulting, network & security audits, analysis, design, project management, staging, implementation, installation and maintenance. These services are based around technical hardware and software procurement and deployment, network computing, physical security solutions, data cabling, VOIP/Telephony services, wireless solutions and strategic consulting.

FST focus on enterprise-level customers in the commercial and SLED markets. Our current market emphasis targets the Central and South Texas regions. Our professional management and engineering services ensure successful definition, execution, and completion of customer programs. Our subject matter expertise supports customers with systems engineering and analysis; program management; cybersecurity; operational training; science and technology integration; and intelligence operational lifecycle needs.

Our professional services team delivers a full-spectrum of products and services designed to directly address the needs, requirements and budgets of the markets we serve.

Our deep expertise covers:
  • Computer & Wireless Networking
  • A Complete Catalog of Technology and IT Network Products
  • Mobile and Cloud Technology
  • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • All Aspects of Physical Security & Life Safety (Fire & Alarm)
  • Cybersecurity Product Integration & Security Architecture
  • Full Program & Project Management Support

Integration of Security Products – for Maximum Return on Investment

FST designs, installs and services seamlessly integrated electronic security solutions for commercial, industrial and SLED government clients. Serving single-site customers, as well as those with a national multi-site footprint, FST designs their solutions based on scalability and future growth plans. Most importantly, FST provides a wide-array of professional services to ensure a customer’s investment is always protected and continues to operate as originally designed.

This specifically includes:
  • Video Surveillance Cameras
  • Video Management Software
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Management
  • IP Phone Systems
  • Perimeter Detection
  • Life Safety & Control Systems
These products and services can be integrated to operate together on a common platform, to ensure a full range of options for the public and private sectors.

Access Control - FST is an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for several industry leading card access manufacturers. At FST we specialize in complex enterprise card and derived access applications, especially those involving the integration of IP-based video, intrusion systems, smartcards, human resource databases, etc. Many of these can now be managed, operated and

IP Video & Video Management - FST is the systems integration leader in designing, installing, and servicing IP-based video solutions. Having established strong industry leading manufacturing relationships, FST is able to provide the very best IP-based technologies to our customers. At FST, it does not stop with simply installing the best technology. FST also has network certified personnel to ensure a customer’s IP-based video solution is installed adhering to established IT industry standards and practices.

Intrusion Detection - IDS systems continue to be an important aspect of a comprehensive security solution. FST goes well beyond simply designing, installing, and servicing traditional alarm intrusion systems. FST can also seamlessly integrate alarm intrusion with access control, IP video, and other important building systems. This integrated approach increases security and makes the entire system easier to enroll, manage and maintain.

Communication Solutions - Selecting the right communication systems for specific needs can be a challenging task. FST has experience with some of the most advanced VoIP communication systems on the market today. Speed, reliability and system integration capability are just some of the critical elements that make up a winning system. Whether it’s a control room intercom solution or a campus-wide mass notification system, FST has the experience to design, install and service the right solution for any enclave.

Wireless Technology - IP-based video surveillance has quickly become a powerful tool for public safety and security and the demand is growing exponentially. The ability to connect digital video cameras to the internet and networks has increased the flexibility and accessibility for both the collection and distribution of video data. While this enables cameras to be installed in more locations, the availability of data ports and cabling remain limiting factors when deploying video. The proper wireless technology can eliminate most, if not all, of the issues associated with areas that are too difficult or expensive to wire.

Intelligent Life Safety Systems - FST is an authorized strategic partner and distributor for industry leading fire alarm manufacturers. From single building retail to multi-tenant high-rise to multi-building campuses and everything in between, FST serves some of the most demanding occupancies in the business. Whatever the life safety need, FST has the right product, technical support and industry resources to make it happen.

Mass Notification - In simple terms, a mass notification system is an emergency management tool used to provide detailed pre-recorded or live instruction and information to building occupants (or wide area) in an emergency situation through a wide array of technologies. This capability is intended for the protection of life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and instructing people of the necessary and appropriate response and action. FST has the design-build skills to design mass notification systems including the key aspects of system integration.

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