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  City and County Governments are an important part of our lives and our business, so we understand the challenges governmental leadership faces. From budget constraints to information security concerns and stringent mandates and regulations, we help our partners continuously improve services to their constituents with technological efficiency and innovation.

City and County Governments are constantly challenged to keep up to date with the services that the public demands. Whether the call is for an automated means of reporting road issues to speedy and secure methods of paying bills, the residents are asking for governments to provide services that were first developed in the corporate world. With each new capability, data security concerns in cyberspace become a mission-critical issue for city and county departments. In many cases, some organizations feel that file cabinets and paperwork are still the most effective and safest way to store and access public information. With FST, our user adoption training programs ensure that all staff members receive the proper level of end user training to carry out their responsibilities. We pride ourselves on the services and training that are delivered after the sale to ensure the best possible return on investment for maximum productivity.

We partner with IT directors in governmental organizations to meet outlined technology goals and are cognizant of budgets and timelines. Our seasoned team can help with all stages of a technology project from planning, to purchasing, to staging and warehousing, to full implementation. Whether a city needs to upgrade services such as WiFi accessibility in public areas or city-wide wireless security camera networks, we can supplement an existing in-house team with needed knowledge, experience and pricing.

Our certified and experienced technology consultants, security managers and system engineers look at the goal to be met and work with local government administration to develop a solution that fits every requirement, leaving department heads free to concentrate on their chief occupation – serving their constituents efficiently and effectively.

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