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  FST Provides New Product Training, User Training and
Grant Specific Technology Training

  • Classroom Technology Training
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Technology Lesson Inclusion
  • New School Technology Integration

Technology in school districts is constantly changing and evolving. Innovation in wireless technology, cloud computing, Bluetooth wireless and mobile computing is moving faster than ever. Every school aged child has now become conditioned to use technology in everyday life; including the classroom. With a student's increasing comfort with new technology, some classrooms and teachers do not share the same level of familiarity.

FST is dedicated to bringing schools, classrooms, and teachers to an expert level of educational technology integration. Our professional development and training service allows education professionals and teachers to become immersed with new classroom technology ranging from interactive whiteboards and touch screen tablets to 3D STEM labs and cloud computing. Let FST assist in integrating your school's technology into your existing lesson plans.

Our professional technology educators will spend a day, week, or month with faculty at your school helping them to understand, integrate and maximize the district's investment in technology - with the ultimate mission of helping students increase achievement and advancement.

We look forward to guiding teachers, administrators, and districts to the new horizon of endless opportunities with advanced educational technology. If you’re interested in school technology training and professional development to take your school to the next level of innovation and student achievement, contact us today.

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